Sunday, May 15, 2016

Experimental Water Media Art Workshop at City Arts

The last two days, I have been 
in an Experimental Water Media Workshop

Many of you know, I love to paint to live music.

My desire to improve my paintings to give you the best 
live art show possible....

Leads me to practice, practice, practice
and what better way to practice (?)

Taking classes in painting...
Working on getting my art degree and 
Experimenting with a large variety of art materials, 
mediums, grounds and discovering items
that can create more texture.

With every class I take, I am improving my design skills.
I have been told by professors that I am an excellent 

If you love color and colorful
if you love non-objective paintings that express
music and poetry
feelings and emotions
experiences and experimentation...

Come see a show or book me to paint
at your next event.

Yours Truly,


Spring 2016 Semester Done at USC

Spring has Sprung at long last
           and classes are over for now


This past semester was a busy one. At one point, I was working two jobs, taking three college classes and follow up with doctors while developing my art career.

Now... I have time to breathe and reflect. 
Somehow I managed to make the Dean's List.

It's a miracle!!
I believe I can do it again!!

Today is the first day off in a long time! 

I deserve it.

Yours Truly,


Sunday, April 17, 2016

JeaneePaintsLive to live Music at The River Rat Brewery Today 2pm-7pm Autism Fundraiser

JeaneePaintsLive with
Jon Cox and Nick McGill of 
Dr. Roundhouse


at The River Rat Brewery on Sun. April 17th,
Event 2-7 pm 

It's a fundraiser for autism, hosted by Lauren Streeter 
 singer songwriter and guitar player. 
She has been playing professionally since she was 13 years old.
You should come to hear her! 

Also come listen to: 

Dr. Roundhouse
Devils in Disguise
Mustache Brothers
The Blacksmiths
Cigar Box Opera with Josh McGill
and maybe a surprise or two

For further information on the music and art:
Devils in Disguise
Mustache Brothers!/home 
The Blacksmiths 
Cigar Box Opera 

This combination will be a slice of nirvana.
I have painted to many of these people in the past. 
Yours Truly
Jean Bourque, artist

JeaneePaintsLive: Lots of Pictures 2010-2016

JeaneePaintsLive (more photos below)

 JeaneePaintsLive: What does that mean?

Basically, when live music is playing, I am booked to be on the stage and 
paint to a band or a musician. On occasion, I am booked for an event that is a fundraiser like today. The difference in a fundraiser compared to a band gig is that I may 
Paint on Canvas with my travel easel to more than one performer per a canvas. 
Depending on how things are such as the music, the weather, indoors, outdoors, how lively the crowd is and all the various things that happen at a live music event, how much time is allotted to the music will determine if I paint more than one. I always paint at least one 16x20 canvas. The good thing about working on canvas, is it is mounted on an interior frame, so you can hang it right away. When you are ready to get it framed, I suggest going to Elite Framing on College St. Five Points, Columbia, SC  .

Jeanee painting to Jackaroe
Photographer Keith Bates

At Badlands Music festival in WV 2012
Johnsons Crossroads
Photographer Keith Bates

at Tapps Painting to Poetry and Spoken Word!

Photo taken by myself. It was real cold out and I didn't have a photographer at the Oyster Roast.

Painting to an all Male symphony ochestra
Painting at The Art Trail Gallery to
Mark Wayne Hagood
in  in Florence, SC

Painting to a Bluegrass Band at Railroad Junction 
Florence SC

Painting at Outt Saloon Lexington, SC

Painting at Charlies to Duba Band
Lexington, SC

Painted to Sharon Von Fonge at Utopia 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Faces a series of eight Monotypes by Jean Bourque

Faces I by Jean Bourque

Faces II

Faces III

Faces IV

Faces is a series of 8 prints done with screen printing technique.
You will see each one is different. After printing, each was enhanced
with inks, paint and markers. Thus making each "print" a one
of a kind original. Since there are only subtle variations in the prints,
I would love to know which ones people like best. LMK your choice I-VII.
Thank you.

Faces V

Faces VI

Faces VII

Faces VIII

If I remember correctly each one is 15 inches tall by 11 inch wide. Basically a 
quarter sheet, printed on quality Stonehedge printing paper.
All images are copyrighted by Jean Bourque 2016.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Friday at University of SC Holiday Art Sale, Young Artists Art Reception, Opening for Sarah


     As an active Art student at USC Columbia, SC.... I worked for several hours at the Printmaking Desk and then worked several hours at the Art Ed. booth. It was an interesting day. Lunch time was slow, but it picked up in the afternoon and from 130-530 there was a steady trickle of business. I was really surprised by some of the great art work I saw. Cameron Porters hand carved wooden bowls were amazing. I thought these were professionally done and had no idea I knew the student that did them.

Fron the Printmaking Dept. Professors Frol Boudin and Mary Robinson had lots of prints with amazing designs for sale as did alumni members Gene Spear and Adrian Rogers. There were prints from many grad students like Jeremy Bickford, Sarah Kinard and graduate Lily Farina. There were even some from my own classmate Ryan G. I saw some of his sell too.

     The pottery, ceramics and sculpture students really out did themselves with many lovely pieces. If I had dollars to spend I would have purchased several pieces from grad student Sylvia Ady, Bri Kinard and Alexandra as well as ceramic students with various initials, JB, CC, etc. There were kissy lip half moons and goddesses and mugs galore as well as ring holders and lovely bowls.

     Art Ed. had lots of original small pieces of art such as little clay animals and ornaments. (very cute and brightly colored) They also had mini collages, jewelry, soy candles, art smart tee shirts, various prints and tote bags. Many of which I helped by working on them in our Future Teachers group.

     Many faculty members were present Friday to help with the sale. Art Ed was lucky to have Dr Ivashkevich who saved me a bowl of chili and shared her gluten free peanut butter cookies; one of the students had made for her. OMG they were good. I'm not sure which student made them, but if any of you do know...please get me the recipe or tell her to contact me.

     I was invited to go see the student art display, "Young Artists Workshop" with the u/g future teachers. The work was done by three different grade levels; elementary school children. I was really surprised how well they did making clay animals and collages. The Middle school kids had a lot of colorful works from paintings to drawings and collages and then the High School Group had done work that really could have passed for college level. I was very impressed. My classmates that put on the display and had worked with the children were Ms. Lee, Ms. Wilkerson, Ms. Manuel, Mrs. McBride, and Mr. Anderson. Congratulations to all my fellow students and to their students; they all did a great job!!

     When I came downstairs from that show, much to my surprise, I saw a group of grad students around a reception table and being the curious one, I had to find out what was going on. I saw Jeremy and Sarah and asked what was going on and they said it was an opening for Sarah's new art display. This is in the student gallery first floor; enter in the door on the left. It is a real unique style, you should check it out. Someone had made wonderful homemade mac and cheese and I got the last of it. They also had the mini cheesecakes in a cup, there were delicious. If you missed it, the display will be up this week also.

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

University to hold Annual Art Sale Thursday and Friday Nov 19 and Nov 20, 2015

Sharing a USC post....

School of Visual Art and Design: Annual Holiday Sale

Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Location: School of Visual Art and Design, 1615 Senate Street
Street parking will be available on Pickens, Senate, and Henderson.
Students and faculty will have handmade artworks for sale including: ceramics, jewelry, printmaking, photography, painting, and drawing. The National Art Education Student Chapter, Ink and Paper Printmaking, Avant Grads, The Clay Club, and The Photography Club are participating to generate funding for national conferences, field trips to museums, sponsoring workshops, and hosting visiting artists. Show your support for the students and faculty at the USC School of Visual Art and Design by purchasing original handmade art – the perfect holiday gift!
For more information call 803.777.4236

Sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Visual Art and Design